Welcome to my project!

The images are build up layer by layer of photograph`s, mono/series prints, textiles etc. Collage and Mixed media.

Each layer is very translucent to achieve depth and a feeling of teksture.

As a former weaver and ceramist I wish to give my now lens-based work depth and an experience of tactility. By layering and collaging many handprints, textiles, botanical items and several photographs, I achieve the texture I'm searching for in my final photos.

Experimenting with many different techniques gives a variety of possibilities and a variety of visual appearances. As an autodidact I assume I use the photographic processes differently and approach my challenges in a less traditional way. The camera as a tool is new to me.

In ceramics we try to control the 4 elements earth, water, air and fire to achieve a finished product. I use the same 4 elements in my photographs in a metaphorical meaning. In many pictures I work with botanical elements as in a deeper meaning of decay and a process of decomposition. Nature gives and takes and renews to other dimensions.

My themes varies often about the subject «looking in, looking out» into peoples identity and existence. Looking in and out of our 4 walls of safety or vulnerability. We are all we are... and all we do is just ephemeral... we are limited editions. I want to touch, move and stimulate the observer to see and experience the stories in my photographs.


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Series "trær "/"trees"

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Ansikt IV
Series "botaniske portretter"/ "botanical portraits"
Series "botaniske portretter"/ "botanical portraits"
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Katinka Kvale
Katinka Kvale
Til jord #
Series "til jord" /
"nature takes"
Til jord
Til jord #1
Til jord #2
Maud #2
Maud #1

Roald Amundsen and MAUD

I have been working on this series for some time. The exciting story of Roald Amundsen and his "Maud".

These images shows the boat as it looks today after a long travel back home to Asker, Norway. The boat was built here in 1916. Roald Amundsen lost his boat in the Northeast Passage, Alaska, and between 1930 and 2016 it was stored her, under water and ice. The images are assembled from many single photographs and a series prints collected into a collage showing the boat, the queen "Maud" and several other historical elements.

Maud #3

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