about her work

About her work

Katinka Kvale's work consists of layers of diverse printed techniques, including mono/series print, photos, and textiles. She specializes in mixed media collage, employing glue and scissors to create intricate compositions. She uses double exposures of digital and analogue to enhance the depth and complexity of her pieces. With a homemade lightbox and a preference for natural light on sunny days, Kvale meticulously crafts each layer to ensure transparency and texture recognition. The inclusion of 'handprints' in her work evokes a sense of nostalgia for a pre-industrial/pre-technological era, highlighting the intimate connection people once had with handicraft processes such as weaving, knitting, ceramics, woodworking, and metalworking.


about katinka

about Katinka

Katinka Mars Kvale was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and moved to Norway as a young adult. Studying the skill of weaving, design and later ceramics she combines those crafts to construct tactile items with structure and texture. Both sculpture and domestic items. After many years of teaching and working in her own studio she now concentrates mostly on printmaking and experimentally layering hand prints with photography. Taking the love for structure, texture and botanics further into a now two-dimensional discipline. Juried member of the Norwegian artist society NFUK.

latest work

latest work

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My work consists of several layers printed techniques, including mono/series print, photos, and textiles. I use mixed media collage, glue and scissors to create intricate compositions and patterns. I also use double exposures both digital and analogue to incorporate depth and interest in my pieces. I work with great care and craft each layer to ensure transparency and texture.

As ceramist I control the 4 elements earth, water, air and fire to achieve a finished product. I use the same 4 elements in my prints and photographs in a metaphorical meaning. In many pictures I work with botanical elements as in a deeper meaning of decay and a process of decomposition. Nature gives and takes and renews to other and new dimensions.

My images and stories are often a combination of fantasy and reality in one and the same photograph. I explore the journey in our universe, linked to both being dreamy, a selfish and from a devastating aspect. I want to touch, move and stimulate the observer to see and experience the stories in my photographs.